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Hip (we hope) moms to be and mom wannabes
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Friday, August 26th, 2005
10:16 am
recommendations for prenatal yoga DVD's?
I'm looking for suggestions for a couple of prenatal yoga dvd's -- I've been practicing Hatha and some Ashtanga for over year on a 1-2 week basis, so am comfortable with the basics.

Prenatal Yoga one by Shiva Rea seems to be getting good reviews, but was curious for some other suggestions

x-posted yoga, newlymoms, hip_moms_tobe
Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
1:09 pm
This community was started for selfish reasons. I wanted a safe place to journal about my attempts to "be with child" and a place to post without judgment once I am (knock on wood) pregnant. There are a lot of ideas about how moms should be and I am already figuring out that I am going to have a hard time fitting well into any of them. Not to mention the fact that most of my RL friends seem to be far, far away from procreating so I turn to you blogosphere. Bring me your wine drinking, heel wearing enceinte ladies and your recycling plan to cloth diaper and breast feed moms to be. Bring me the women who have no idea what those acronyms mean. Please, I need the company.

Though it is moderated membership, I am very unlikely to turn you down. Email me at iso_bel@hotmail.com and tell me who you are if I do.
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